Life at my village! Pros and Cons?-My perspective

No this is not an elementary/primary school essay, just something I wanted to share!
I’ve had the chance of living in a city and have occasional trips to my village as well, which over the last year or so, have extended to a month or two, too!
Well of course to begin with, I miss sleeping out in the open, the greenery, the flower garden, the vegetable garden and my horse! But all that apart, what I actually miss the most is the peace and tranquility! The river that flows near our house and the sun dipping inside it around the evening time! I miss all that! I miss, my horse but I definitely do not miss how she’s learnt to bite everything she gets her mouth near to, including my hand!

I miss the greenery, the fresh-air and the well-spaced houses! I love having space to breathe! I miss our neighbor’s dog, known to belong to the ‘Patrica’ breed in the local language! Not sure what that breed is widely known as, though!

And I miss the chicks, and the rabbits!


Having said that, I believe, there are many things that the village life lacks. It lacks, for example, the very basic element of education! Education and obtaining knowledge should only be second to breathing, if you ask me! The kids there are studying but the standard is nowhere near what we have here, in the cities! My heart aches to see what miserable conditions and ‘teachers’ they have to bear with!
One has to go to the nearest city (15 minutes by car) to get things not available at the hatti ( the local canteen) which is owned by an uncle so it’s a self-owned hatti but has a very few things available of the basic need. Apart from biscuits known as ‘twitter’, so yes, they are advanced in the sense, we use twitter, they sell twitter!!
There is no access to the internet for the locals there and the mobile network signals are non-existent, most of the times.

Having said all that, I’ll let my love for the place finish the note!


3 thoughts on “Life at my village! Pros and Cons?-My perspective

  1. Nice to see someone can actually see some positives of living in a village, you’re no average teen let me tell you that! You’re wayy mature- and I envy that a little! 😛
    Looking forward to reading more of your work!
    And those chicks are ca-yooot!! *_*

  2. Those chicks remind me of something from my childhood – since I am in my 30s now that’s a long time back…
    My mother bred some chicks and I used to play with them – like all kids do – and then one particularly friendly one became my pet. She got older and became a hen…. remained my pet. Then one day she vanished… and appeared in in our dinner table! I was so angry and sad… I didn’t speak to my mom for more than a week. This episode led to my mom abandoning her chicken coop! She never kept hens even for eggs!

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