Snippets from my diary; Life!

Life is all about making choices! It’s all about making the right decisions! Deciding what should be said and what should be kept in secret! The moment you stop trying to make an effort and give up, life ceases! So, perhaps, make your own decisions, keep your head and heart aligned and stay firm on them! No body will give the sincerest answers to your questions, but your heart and your head, and with time your own life! So, don’t ask for answers, discover them!

Don’t keep yourself back thinking of the consequences, for they might be more life-changing, in ways you hadn’t imagined, in ways way too good to be real! Open the boxes you should and they might carry treasures of a life-time! Don’t let it go!

– Snippets from my diary!




4 thoughts on “Snippets from my diary; Life!

  1. Amazing !!! It’s a beautiful thought & I agree !
    Sometimes making the right decisions at the right time is pretty difficult

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