Snippets from my Diary: The next ball might as well be Blue!

It’s a brown, woolen bag. It’s got some candy balls, some red, some blue, all of variable sizes. The blue ones taste sweet-and-sour. The red ones, are bitter, really really bitter, more bitter than anything you’ve heard of.
The bag belongs to a certain Monsieur XYZ. Every time he puts his hand into the bag, he takes out whatever ball he gets his hand on. But there’s a rule, he can only take out one ball at a time, and can only take out the next when he’s eaten the previous one up.
Since he kept getting blue balls, one after the other  he forgot the fact that the bag had red balls too, until one day, he took out a red ball instead. Rules are to be followed, he had to eat that ball to be able to take out another one; and so he did.
It happens to be, the next three consecutive times, he kept taking out red balls. He was losing his zest to live!

I want a blue-ball.” He sighed of desperation.

He decided, if the next ball is red he’ll throw away the bag, but, if it’s blue, he’ll keep it to the end. As it happens, it turned out to be a red one, yet again. He did what he had decided, he threw the bag away.

As the bag lied there, despondent and vacant of hope, Monsieur ABC came across it. He saw the four capital letters written on it and kept it in his side-pocket. When he reached home, he took out a ball, it was blue, he took another, and that was blue too. He kept taking out the balls till the bag was empty. All the balls were blue, so he lived a sweet life.
Here’s the bit. We all secretly posses that bag. The bag’s name is, LIFE. The red balls are the difficulties and blue ones are achievements and opportunities. Everyone has both the red balls and the blue balls in their bags. When one person throws away their bag on the path to success, someone else, more rational, more luckier, picks it up. To throw the bag away and stop living would be stupid beyond words, because, the truth is, the next ball might as well be blue, you just never know.


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