Snippets from my diary; The world belongs to those who…

One of the biggest problems with the world is, it has way too many diplomatic, sugar-coated, porcelain dolls walking around. They’ll be the sweetest things you’ve come across, with flowers flowing out of their mouths, and rings of gold floating above their heads and (…. okay not that one, but you get the idea…) this innate ability to understand people and be nice to them no matter what, and then, one day, something happens and you realize they were never the angels you thought they were. I guess, that’s the trend.

It’s like the new slogan is fake it to make it, and if you aren’t doing so, you simply won’t fit in!

I think, instead of trying to be something that I’m not, and being a sugarcoated back-stabber, I’d be the introverted girl, often perceived to be rude, having said that, I give you every chance to walk out of my life whenever you want to!

I can’t laugh all the time or be your partner in wrong stuff, but I’ll be the one person you’d want to come to every time you need a sincere advice or a little hope, and honestly, that plays sufficient for me!

Why did I write this post? ‘Cause I’m sick of fake people!


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