Behind her smile so wide!

Behind a smile so wide,

She was breaking apart inside,

Her feelings had started to shatter,

She knew, to no-one she’ll ever matter!

She was never understood,

No body felt what she felt, 

She hid under a yellow hood,

And tried letting go of the broken pieces of glass she held.


She sighed and cried,

Behind the smile so wide,

She was trying to stay strong,

As she ran from the demons outside.

She was stabbed and hurt,

Blamed, attacked and shot,

She was sobbing, but still fought,

With the sugar-coated devils in the bright daylight.

She wanted to be understood for once,

For someone to look through the mask,

The mask with the smile so wide,

See her red swollen eyes,

Listen to her, believe her, know her, feel her,

Not stab her, not blame her, not once!

happysad face

She lost everything she had,

She was alone and weak,

All thought she was paranoid and mad,

No one knew she had had enough,

No one felt she had enough sad,

Behind her smile so wide.

Her eyes dripped mist,

Her soul began to depart,

She wiggled and struggled,

Her eyes kept closing shut,

Under the smile so wide,

She left the world….

And so,

The girl with the smile so wide,

Trapping a thousand tears inside,

Left the world, unnoticed, helpless,

No body cared, no body cried,

Every body kept, their smiles so wide!

This document cannot be re-written somewhere, only the writer has the copyrights to reproduce/edit/ it!


One thought on “Behind her smile so wide!

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