Breaking the stereotypes; The perfect girl (Women Empowerment)

The perfect girl,

Laughs a little louder,

Acts a little wild,

Loves a little more.

The perfect girl

Taps her heels,

Cries in glee,

Waves a little longer.

The perfect girl

Has a crooked nose,

A little broken heart,

A little funny aura.

The perfect girl

Has the smallest eyes,

Is not too fair,

Is not too nice.

The perfect girl

Is not a saint,

Does not always smile,

Doesn’t often smell of roses.

The perfect girl

Gets ill,

Cares for the ill,

Makes good soup.

The perfect girl

Isn’t always the perfect cook,

Doesn’t always cover her head,

Doesn’t talk too much.

The perfect girl

Is the bubbliest you’ll know,

The quietest you’ll see,

Will cook the best.

The perfect girl

Will hide her face,

Will wear a veil,

Will flaunt her smile.

The perfect girl

Will wear high heels,

Maybe tap them a little louder,

May wear the darkest shade of red.

The perfect girl

Will walk too slow,

Will feel nervous,

Will cry too often.

The perfect girl

Doesn’t smell of musk,

Doesn’t have the perfect teeth,

Doesn’t have no scars..

The perfect girl

Will understand,

Will be your guide,

Will be misunderstood.

The perfect girl

Will wake up early,

Will wake up late,

Always be the bait.

Zainub, another victim of the acid attack. ©

The perfect girl

Is the girl who gets acid sprayed on,

The girl that was molested,

The girl you shamed.

The perfect girl,

Was the one who scarred herself,

The girl who was cat-called,

The one that was bullied,

Was the one who wanted to suicide..

The perfect girl

Is the one you tie,

The one you beat,

The one that doesn’t cry..

The one who still believes you..

The perfect girl

Raises her voice,

Doesn’t raise her voice,

Speaks the truth,

Is afraid of none.

The perfect girl

Will be plump,

Will be thin,

Will be colored..

The perfect girl

Will have soaring spirits,

Will have crushed rights,

Will fight for herself.

The perfect girl

Will sob at a corner,

Will die inside,

Will give her sacrifices no end..

The perfect girl

Doesn’t wear the highest heels,

Doesn’t have the richest father,

Doesn’t have shortest clothes..

The perfect girl

Will cry away the pain,

Will wash away the hurt,

Will greet you in the morning with the most beautiful smile.

The perfect girl

Has her imperfections,

And her imperfections perfect her..

The perfect girl

Is me, is you, is the one to your right,

Is the girl you call you sister,

The girl that gave birth to you,

The girl you’ll call you daughter.


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