My Writings: The Beautifully Broken – A short story.

“Okay, so for how long have you been married? Eight years?”

“Eight years and 6 months. Yes.” She said with a smile.

“Gorgeous. Mr Blake, how did you manage to save your marriage for so long despite being in a profession that, I’d say, makes one prone to cheating?”

“Oh I think the credit goes to her. She’s been patient with my working hours and my work routine. So yes, I’d say I’m a lucky man.”

“And Mrs Blake, what would you say about your marriage so far? Would you say you get insecure sometimes, considering he’s still considered quite a heart throb?”

“Well, not really. He’s the father of my son. He’s been the perfect husband and the best father. I don’t get insecure as such because we’ve come to a point where we just trust each other without explanations and insecurities.”

“So before almost reaching the end of tonight’s show I’d like to congratulate you on becoming the favorite star wife of all. How does it feel?”

“It feels great, of course. I’d say, my winning the title goes on to prove how much the public loves my husband.”

“Mr Blake, would you say you’ve regretted your decision to marry her even once?”

“No, not really. She’s been a great mom to Matt, which is what strengthens our relationship even more.”

“Mrs Blake, would you say his work affects your personal life?”

“Well, you see, to the world he’s a star. To me he’s Matt’s dad and the man I’m supposed to spend my life with so although it feels great when he wins an award or a title, to me he’ll be the man I’ll spend my life with so, on the bigger picture, nothing else really matters.”

“Thank you so much Mr and Mrs Blake for taking out time for our show. Everyone, today’s special episode of ‘Prime 9 – The Star Wife’ comes to an end now, see you all the next week.”

The entire hall echoes with jumbled words and claps.

“I appreciate what you did.”
She smiled and looked out the window of their slowly floating BMW in the darks of the night.

“Matt asked about you today.”
“Tell him I’ll come on Sunday.”
“I’ve been telling him that for the past three weeks. He refuses to believe me anymore.”
“You can’t handle a seven year old?”
“I’ve been handling him for as long as eternity, for Heaven’s sake!” She shrieked trying to dissolve the knot forming in her throat.

He knew she wasn’t lying.
The car stopped at the Royal Suites, to drop him, just like it did after every interview they had together, that’s the only thing they went for together, anyway. As the ‘perfect couple’, or the illusion of it, at least.

Some distance ahead, with only her inside, the car stopped again.. 

She stepped inside the huge house Blake had gifted her on their wedding day. She remembered his enthusiasm at the beginning. She was feeling miserable since the interview, just like she did after every interview of the kind and that’s the only kind of interviews she had.

She popped off her heels and tiptoed up the wooden stairs to Matt’s room. The nanny was asleep on the sleeping chair and Matt seemed to be lost in layers of deep sleep after crying buckets that day.
As usual he wanted to meet his father after coming back from his friend’s birthday party and as usual, his father was too busy with work and projects and all the women he worked with.
Caitlin Blake carefully examined the contours of her bundle of joy as they got highlighted by the golden of the lamp on the bedside.
She was often amazed at the striking resemblance he bore with his father.
It reminded her of the fact she was still married to him. It reminded her of the fact that she had to carry on pretending to be the star wife. It reminded her of the fact that it was her battle, the battle she had to win for her kid.

For a moment she wanted to scream the loudest she could. She wanted to tell the world how she and her son really felt. She wanted to let everyone know Matt hadn’t seen his ‘father’ in over two months. She wanted to tell the world they were a failure. She wanted to tell the world they were completely tired! So intricately wounded, so permanently scarred and so deeply broken…so beautifully broken.


8 thoughts on “My Writings: The Beautifully Broken – A short story.

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. It’s epicπŸ‘πŸΌ I loved it Ayesha.
    We’re all broken, someone’s a little broken, others are deeply broken. We all have scars. Everybody has a different story & everybody has his/her own share of joys and sorrows.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I loved it Ayesha, it’s epicπŸ‘πŸΌ
    We’re all broken, someone’s a little broken, others are deeply broken. We all have scars. Each one of us has a different story with varying degrees of joys and sorrows

    1. Thank you so much, Ayesha. Always looking forward to your feedback! ❀ πŸ™‚
      I guess everyone's strong in their own beautiful way! πŸ™‚

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