Free verse poem: The Perfect Kingdom..

Once upon a time, in a far away land,

Lived a beautiful queen with her smile so bright,

her King tall and dark, and a princess with the widest eyes!

Their lives were the merriest and their laughters so loud!

Hers was a kingdom all filled with smiles,

Unicorns and rainbows, and people so fine.

They laughed and celebrated, each day, every night.

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The King and the Queen were so in love,

With each other, the princess and their Kingdom all perfect.

The sun shone brighter with every passing day,

and the stars sparkled more, through March, through May!

Then came a hurricane and toppled the Kingdom over,

There was drought, there was plague, and smiles vanished forever.

The drought lasted a year and a half,

And the Queen succumbed to the divine will..

Now there was the King and Princess,

But no kingdom and no shelter.

They were hurt, and scared and shattered and alone..

The Princess ran all around, to see the signs of her mother,

The King threw away his crown and all his golds,

couldn’t he save his Kingdom, couldn’t he save his Queen!

Now the little princess had the dimmest smiles,

Now her wide eyes were always filled with invisible tears.

The Queen’s grave was their home, their shelter,

Never did they laugh again, never as loud!


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