My Sketch-book!

Just some (beginner level) pencil sketches from my sketchbook, made following internet tutorials (of course), a long time back! Will be adding more with time! 🙂

P.S. Click on individual images to zoom in and observe the details! 🙂

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Messed this one up at certain places!
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This sketch was made due to the various stroking techniques shown in the tutorial!
4 of 8 – Made this sketch because of the contrasting techniques and intricate details!

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(8 of 8) My favorite of the lot!
8 of 8 – My favorite most of the lot!


6 thoughts on “My Sketch-book!

  1. Sometimes the joke comes to mind first and draw to fit and other times the sketch comes to mind and then think up the joke to match. I think it’s the gag that counts as my art is certainly primitive yet just good enough to pull it off. I like the single frame over the strip as the challenge is to deliver it all in one shot.

    1. I LOVE your work.. Just keep the ideas coming and keep illustrating them, however. It’s brilliant in all forms..
      Single frame is definitely a mind exercise for the artist.. Needs the perfect balance between wit and art.

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