Achievement: Half a decade, on WordPress!

Today I complete my 5 years of being on this amazing platform. Can say without a doubt it’s often been an only outlet for bottled up expressions, pain and frustrations!
Cheers to anyone reading this.
Peace. ✌



5 thoughts on “Achievement: Half a decade, on WordPress!

    1. Hi, Aunt Dawn!
      It indeed is, it’s one quarter of my age so far, haha. However this particular blog I started about two or three years back, I think. I have been lately thinking of shifting my blog to but unsure yet since I’ve developed quite a circle here..
      All is well here, gladly. What about you and your horses?
      Love 💛💛💛

      1. Congratulations! 5 years is a long time… and this particular theme is probably from the last century! Please consider switching over to a more modern read-friendly theme. It takes just a few clicks. Also, please perish the thought of moving to Blogspot. Google doesn’t actively support that platform anymore. It’s as good as a museum.

        Medium – by Twittter – is by far the best platform for blogging – considering every parameter. But since you already have decent following here in WordPress, you may hate to relocate. The best thing to do is to change the Theme. There are hundreds – from 21st cnetury 😉

  1. What a great gift of yourself. Thanxxx for pouring out your heart & soul! I am sure this article & your life as doctor will benefit so many going through similar pain.

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