My Writings: We’ve Been Through This – Fragments From My Past


Please read this!

Mum was getting treated in a city 6 hours away from where she/I, was born and brought up or where we had always lived. We ended up shifting our ‘home’ to this, other, city. Dad got his job transferred there, and got a house alloted at a beautiful place. Until then, we stayed at my Aunt’s, who along with her family, took unbelievable care of Ma.

This new house we got, was just like the ones my she grew up in. Spacious. Green. Beautiful. She liked it. Except, she passed away on, about, the 10th day of our moving in there.

Read more about her here.

This one day, after my Mom’s death, while I was on the way from my Aunt’s place to our place, I was passing by this road that I had visited with Ma numerous times when she was alive, and, this poem just occurred to me.

It was written for/dedicated to her.

Hope you like it and it reminds you of some place too, maybe?


We’ve been through this,

If you remember,

If you recall.

We’ve felt every moment,

Just peek inside your memory hall.
These roads were here,

And, so were the signs.

Dark skies above our heads,

Shady trees in rows and lines.
But then, the times were different,

With different feelings in the heart.

Look, now it’s the opposite,

For, we’re so far apart.
Now as I look across,

And, scan the roads we planned to follow,

I gulp down the tears,

And all the pain, I try to swallow.
So I lie on my bed,

With my eyes open wide.

And, try my best to settle,

My life’s restless tide.

DATE: October 29th, 2010

TIME: 12:14am


2 thoughts on “My Writings: We’ve Been Through This – Fragments From My Past

  1. Ayshea I don’t know you and I also don’t know whether you are getting my emails or not but do u know you are one hell of a writer and if You need any sort of help from me feel free to buzz me any time … Regards Zuhaib Hassan

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Glad you like what I write. Not sure what you mean by emails, because my email address is private and nobody can email me, but I recieve and really appreciate your comments. Stay blessed! 👍

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