New Series – Fragments From My Past 

Back in 2010, when my mother passed away due to cancer, I decided to start posting my poems and pieces online. Barely 5 percent of anything I wrote made it online, but that’s still a lot. 

Read more about my Mom here..

I made a Facebook page, specifically for sharing what I wrote but then changed the visibility settings to ‘ONLY ME’ soon after, hence, the page is still there but only I can see it. I could never have the heart to delete it, considering it has so many things that remind me of my struggles and how I’m past a lot of them. It’s one of my sources of inspiration to move on. 

I’ve decided to occasionally share things I wrote back then. I won’t obviously be sharing everything, but I’ll still be sharing, quite, a major chunk.

I am, totally, looking forward to this little addition (humongous to me) to my blog. Hope you all enjoy it.

P.S. You might be able to sense a certain uncertainty, pain, chaos, turbulence, struggle, insecurity (you get the idea!) in all posts of this series, BUT, please know that I am at a much better and peaceful place in life, and, if you’re going through a hard time, it will get better, I promise.

Peace. ✌ 


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