Travelogue: Murree, Pakistan – Oct, 2016 (With videos and pictures)

Hello, everyone.

In this post I tried capturing the ethereal beauty of a city about 30 kilometers away from the capital city of Pakistan, called Murree. I often say it is the collective picnic spot of the nation. While most of the rest of the country battles with severe pollution, Murree enjoys the status of being a hill-station and not being half as polluted.

The last time I went there was in 2011 and for the first time ever saw what makes snowfall so magical. Will try digging up some pictures I took then. What I absolutely loved about that trip was how on the way back I witnessed almost everything in the weather spectrum, from snowfall in Murree to full-blown sunny hotness in my city.

This time around, we reached Murree around 12 in the noon on the 23rd of October, 2016. And about 45 minutes later trekked our way up to the famous mall road. Good thing, it wasn’t too far from where we stayed. Had lunch and discovered this fancy buggy that takes tourists from the Mall Road to the local cable-car place.

The following footage was taken while we were on it. (Please watch at the highest available resolution and in landscape mode to ensure the best watch – considering I messed up the orientation!)

The following video was captured while in the cable car. It doesn’t even begin to do justice to the actual beauty of the place, though. (Please watch at the highest available resolution and in landscape mode to ensure the best watch – considering I messed up the orientation!)

Sharing some pictures from the trip down below!

The following pictures were taken on our way to Murree.

Just another stunning view


A site people who regularly visit Murree or Swat will be very familiar with
A lovely little bazaar
Couldn’t take a clearer picture of this little guy
A road-side mosque


Entering Murree

The following pictures are from the place we stayed at.

One of the views from our room!



The following two pictures are from the way to the Mall road.




The following three pictures are from a mall on the Mall road that got constructed but was never entirely put to use.




Not even going to mention where the food was from because it was not good!



The tourist buggy I shot the third video of this post from. Isn’t it the coolest thing, ever?


A view from within

Some horses I saw at the cable-car place. If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you’re aware of my love for them.


Hope you liked the post. Any kind of feedback would be appreciated.

Cheers and peace! ✌️


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