Some Words About Me

Hello, World.

To start with, I’m essentially just a sensitive soul that observes everything around, keeps quiet and blogs about it here, later. Now, whether all those blogs make it to public, is something for me to know and for you to wonder about.
I blog random thoughts, poems, sketches I’ve made and moments I get to capture through my cell-phone camera!

I’m a doctor-to-be. One of those luckiest people that get to be in their dream profession. I plan to become an oncologist one day, the reason can be found for which in the link at the bottom of this very post!

My life revolves around my mother’s memories (may her soul R.I.P.) and my father’s presence. He is the reason I wake up every morning and manage to smile even on my lowest days.

Everything I post has obvious and huge or little and concealed tidbits of what I’ve been through. The latter, you won’t be able to figure out until you’ve figured me out completely which nobody has ever been able to do so, there’s that. However, to give you an idea, for me struggles don’t mean immature teen/early-twenties flings. Never gotten myself into those. But rather, about how I managed to survive once my life toppled over after my mother’s diagnosis or when I felt so alone it was almost like me vs. the world (so serious, bigger issues like that!).

Half way through learning how to not let other people ruin my peace of mind.

I hope you find something read/watch worthy on my blog.

I read every single one of the comments and they are to me, what spinach is to Popeye.

I like to read, write, cook, photograph and make sketches following YouTube tutorials! I’m obsessed with horses, and really like scented candles, dark chocolates, cloudy skies, cool breezes, pleasant scents and water-bodies!

P.S. If I could explain myself in one post, it would be this one. (



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