Last Night with the Stars – Prose

What if tonight's the last night I talk to stars, What if it's the last one I breathe through? Would anyone care? Would anyone notice? Would anyone count, The last of my breaths? Would it matter, if I am no more? Or would it be a burden, gone off everyone's souls? Would anyone care if [...]


My Writings: Under The Stained Hoodie – A short story

Wilson relaxed back in the sofa, straightening the crease in his premium leather coat, taking a sip of the drink lying on the table next to him. "I want you to kill me." "I'm sorry..?" Matt almost spit through his open jaw.. He had heard Wilson was an overly pampered super-celebrity with a twisted head, but there probably truly wasn't a limit to how much of one he could be.

Snippets from my diary; Existence and Non-Existence, how do they truly matter?

I've been busy with med school for the past few months, needless to say they felt like eternity. I'll make a little confession and say I've been short of ideas for my blog. Kinda like, 'the ink of my imagination has dried up', and the very basic element of writing anything is imagination, be it [...]